Volkswagen Wheelie camper complete

Volkswagen Wheelie camper complete

Here is finished model with body shell fitted. I still want to add some sponsor stickers at some point but this is it with most of the Tamiya stickers applied.

I am not a fan of the Stickers that come with Tamiya body shells especially the ones for the windows.

I have not given the model a proper test outside yet but in the quick go I did have with it I noticed the motor is too much for the wheelie bar. Full throttle will put the truck on its roof almost instantly.

I found the sweet spot for wheeling was around 80% throttle.

After landing a wheelie you can then apply full throttle to speed up as the front will not lift again until you slow down.

Installed Aluminium arms on my TT01 chassis

Installed Aluminium arms on my TT01 chassis

It’s getting pretty blue with hop ups now. I can now set the camber on all 4 wheels. Not played with it too much but will adjust it for drifting.

Bumper Delivery of parts today!

Bumper Delivery of parts today!

Arms with adjustable camber, oil filled shocks and propeller joints for the drive shaft. All are Aluminium replacing plastic parts. Shocks need to be built and filled with oil so they will need to set overnight.

Got Sebastion Vettels head through the post today. Yes its the second Red Bull 7 Delivery!

Got Sebastion Vettels head through the post today. Yes its the second Red Bull 7 Delivery!

The second 4 parts of the series include the main chassis, the front chassis, the front lower wish bones and the first Tyre.

Strangely they have also sent Vettel’s head which I can only assume they have included as an option if you do not like Mark Webber. As far as I know British and Australian subscribers get a Mark Webber edition where as Germany are further into a Vettel themed model.

You can see the First wheel and tyre glued together in the Photo along with a battery to give an idea of scale.

New addition to the fleet Thunder Tiger BX Buggy

New addition to the fleet Thunder Tiger BX buggy

I traded the majority of my Xbox games in today and picked up one of these with some of the money. It is a Thunder Tiger Phoenix BX 2 Buggy.

This is an old model and therefore was being sold off cheap. I brought it in mind that I wanted a 2.4ghz receiver anyway to convert some 27Mhz cars so it was worth it for the parts alone.

I will not be stripping it down though as after a quick drive around in the Sun today I found it to be good fun and fast for an old RTR model.

It come with a 17t Thunder Tiger branded motor which is much faster than the stock motors you would usually get with a Tamiya kit.

I have already ordered some race bearings for it from the United States.

Why I can drive my car in heavy rain.

How I can drive my car in heavy rain.

Waterproofing the receiver is as simple as stretching a party balloon over it and tightening the end where the wires come out. I had already replaced my stock speed controller with one that happened to be water resistant so no action was needed there.

Picked up this little bargain today at Modelzone.

Blackfoot III XB Pro 2.4 GHZ
Blackfoot III XB Pro 2.4 GHZ

I went into Modelzone today and whilst looking at the RC cars I was told that the Blackfoot III XB Pro 2.4 GHZ was currently going for £84.99.

It was not prices up like this and was still marked at something over £250. I am not sure if this was just a price for my local store or the same deal applies around the country.

I gave it a quick test in the park and although its not as fast as the nitro vehicles i am used to its good fun and handles off road really well.

As much as I love nitro there is something to be said about the ease and hassle free nature of electric cars.