Red Bull 7 Preparing the Bodyshell


I did not intend to do any actual work on the display body as it requires removing the engine head to fit. My plan was to just wait for the display body.

SAM_5854The long awaited racing body arrived last week and was found in my local green Continue reading Red Bull 7 Preparing the Bodyshell

Tamiya Lotus F1 type 102B RC Kit Part 1

This was a Christmas present I have been working on over the past few weeks.


There are a few reasons I like this kit.

The first is the car has the classic F1 shape that has been lost over the years as aerodynamics technology has moved forward.

The other main reason is the style. I like racing green and this kit reminds me of the recent all green Caterham F1 cars.

Lastly the year this car ran Team Lotus were sponsored by Tamiya which I thought was quite cool since it is a Tamiya kit.

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Red Bull 7 Progress

IMAG0458In this section of the Red Bull  build I have almost finished building the engine, its nearly ready to be fitted to the chassis.


The final tyre has also been added to the car. This is great because I finally have all four wheels on the model but annoying because it has now out grown its old living space.


With this 1:7 model and the 1:8 Hummer I am building its getting hard to find space to store these models.




First parts of engine have arrived for my Kyosho Red Bull 7 build

The crankcase is the first part of the GX21 Nitro engine which will power my Red Bull 7 model. The GX21 is a 2 stroke engine capable of producing about 1.8bhp.


The crankcase currently contains the carburetor attaching screw and two ball bearings.


With the next batch of parts I get the crankshaft piston, cylinder head and rear engine plate.