Thunder Tiger Buggy Orion 12×2 Motor Tyre Ballooning

My stock 17.5 Thunder tiger smoked out last week so I have replaced it with an orion 12×2 motor.

Modelsport is currently selling orion motors at half price.

I am tempted to pick up some more as spares.

Phoenix BX gear mesh fixed and ball-raced

Last time I was out with this buggy a gear stripped and I later found out the gears were not meshing properly. When my ball-race bearings arrived I took the car apart upgraded it and re-meshed the gears. Its now running at a decent pace and it great fun to drive!

I was filming in one hand and steering with the other which is way the steering’s a little crazy.

New addition to the fleet Thunder Tiger BX Buggy

New addition to the fleet Thunder Tiger BX buggy

I traded the majority of my Xbox games in today and picked up one of these with some of the money. It is a Thunder Tiger Phoenix BX 2 Buggy.

This is an old model and therefore was being sold off cheap. I brought it in mind that I wanted a 2.4ghz receiver anyway to convert some 27Mhz cars so it was worth it for the parts alone.

I will not be stripping it down though as after a quick drive around in the Sun today I found it to be good fun and fast for an old RTR model.

It come with a 17t Thunder Tiger branded motor which is much faster than the stock motors you would usually get with a Tamiya kit.

I have already ordered some race bearings for it from the United States.

New body shell for my sledgehammer S50

I decided my sledgehammer needed a bit of spicing up and always wanted to add lights to it so it made sense to buy a new shell.

I wanted it to be a truck body so went with HPI’s Ford-150 shell for savage monster trucks.

Here it is as it arrived.

The uncut and unpainted shell.