I have created a monster!

Over the last few evenings I finally got round to building the Volkswagen Wheelie Camper that I got in the Modelzone closing down sale.


The Car is complete except the body post mounts and the stickers on the bodyshell.

I have replaced all bearings and bushings with ball race bearings and upgraded the motor to a 12×2. This of course also required a different ESC as well.

I gave it a Spektrum splash proof receiver as Spektrum is the only radio technology I use if I can help it. This means I can bind and control all my models from a single transmitter.

Tamiya were a bit cheeky with this kit as it said it included a ball race option pack but there were not enough bearings to go around. Luckily I have a bag of them so this was not an issue.

I made the mistake of giving this a quick test indoors. This lead to it hoping off the spot doing a back flip and smashing the on/off switch.

To fix this I had to solder the wires together where the switch once existed.

I think I will finish mounting the shell before playing with it anymore!

New addition to the fleet Thunder Tiger BX Buggy

New addition to the fleet Thunder Tiger BX buggy

I traded the majority of my Xbox games in today and picked up one of these with some of the money. It is a Thunder Tiger Phoenix BX 2 Buggy.

This is an old model and therefore was being sold off cheap. I brought it in mind that I wanted a 2.4ghz receiver anyway to convert some 27Mhz cars so it was worth it for the parts alone.

I will not be stripping it down though as after a quick drive around in the Sun today I found it to be good fun and fast for an old RTR model.

It come with a 17t Thunder Tiger branded motor which is much faster than the stock motors you would usually get with a Tamiya kit.

I have already ordered some race bearings for it from the United States.