Volkswagen Wheelie camper complete

Volkswagen Wheelie camper complete

Here is finished model with body shell fitted. I still want to add some sponsor stickers at some point but this is it with most of the Tamiya stickers applied.

I am not a fan of the Stickers that come with Tamiya body shells especially the ones for the windows.

I have not given the model a proper test outside yet but in the quick go I did have with it I noticed the motor is too much for the wheelie bar. Full throttle will put the truck on its roof almost instantly.

I found the sweet spot for wheeling was around 80% throttle.

After landing a wheelie you can then apply full throttle to speed up as the front will not lift again until you slow down.

I have created a monster!

Over the last few evenings I finally got round to building the Volkswagen Wheelie Camper that I got in the Modelzone closing down sale.


The Car is complete except the body post mounts and the stickers on the bodyshell.

I have replaced all bearings and bushings with ball race bearings and upgraded the motor to a 12×2. This of course also required a different ESC as well.

I gave it a Spektrum splash proof receiver as Spektrum is the only radio technology I use if I can help it. This means I can bind and control all my models from a single transmitter.

Tamiya were a bit cheeky with this kit as it said it included a ball race option pack but there were not enough bearings to go around. Luckily I have a bag of them so this was not an issue.

I made the mistake of giving this a quick test indoors. This lead to it hoping off the spot doing a back flip and smashing the on/off switch.

To fix this I had to solder the wires together where the switch once existed.

I think I will finish mounting the shell before playing with it anymore!

Tamiya Volkswagon Camper Monster Truck

I picked up this kit last week in the modelzone sale but only just received the additional parts needed to complete the model.

It was about half the going price online and eBay.

The box shows it painted white and red but I decided to go for white and orange instead.


The free bonus parts included are ball race bearings. Its pretty handy seeing as the first thing I usually do is replace Tamiya’s crappy plastic/bronze bushings with bearings.


Aside from the paint, I also needed to order a servo for the steering and a radio receiver. As usual I went for a Spektrum receiver in the hope of unifying all my radio gear under one compatible type.