Apollo 11 Astronaut 1/8 Scale

Being a bit bored of making military vehicles and a big fan of space exploration I picked up a couple of kits for the Apollo 11 50th Anniversary. This is the Revell Apollo Astronaut, I thought it would be an interesting kit as it will be the first time I have built a kit focused on a figure that size.


There are not many parts in the kit but there is a lot of sanding down to do.


Starting with the astronaut I glued the parts together holding them in place with elastic bands.


Next The limbs were glued to the torso.


With the astronaut built the remaining accessories and lander leg were put together.


Next the Astronaut was test fitted to the base to make sure nothing was wonkey.


The first thing to be painted was the base. This was painted grey with a dark wash. Painting the lettering required patience but I think it came out OK.


I started painting the astronaut by spraying him all white. Then the details and the lander leg were painted. Finally a wash was applied to the astronaut. This went on a little too thick and needs a bit of lightening at some point. After I was happy with how the face and head gear looked I glued the visor into place.


Lastly the hoses between the astronauts suit and backpack were fitted.

There are bits that need tidying up but I am pleased with how this model has turned out so far. I just wish you could buy the rest of the lander in 1/8 scale. 🙂

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