Apollo 11 Astronaut 1/8 Scale

Being a bit bored of making military vehicles and a big fan of space exploration I picked up a couple of kits for the Apollo 11 50th Anniversary. This is the Revell Apollo Astronaut, I thought it would be an interesting kit as it will be the first time I have built a kit focused on a figure that size.

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Chevy Impala Police Car Complete

I finally finished a model for the first time in a while. There is still some tidying up I could do but considering my back log of half built kits its done for now.

I decided to build a police car after playing Need for Speed Rivals and its not something I would usually build. In fact this is probably the first road car I have ever finished.

I am pleased with the results and hopefully this will inspire me to tackle some of the more challenging kits on the pile.


I purchased two police officers from eBay to fit into the kit. These required cutting down and even then I only just managed to squeeze them in.


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Chevy Impala Police Car Part 2

IMAG0710This has been an interesting model to paint, requiring lots of careful hand painting around the window frames and other areas. I still have a bit of tidying to do but its getting there.

One thing I found useful with this kit is a lot of it snaps into place meaning you can test fit parts easier before making them permanently attached. I am not sure if this it common Continue reading Chevy Impala Police Car Part 2

Revell 1:25 scale Chevy Impala Police Car Part 1

This is something a little different I have been working on over the holiday.

I got the desire to build a police car from playing Needs for Speed rivals on my PC.

I managed to find a kit in the distinctive black and white livery used on American police cars in the game.

The Revell 1:25 scale Chevy Impala Police Car


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