Revell 1:241 Millennium Falcon

This is my first attempt at a sci fi model kit and with only 20 parts it seemed like a nice little kit to build. I brought this last year when I started getting excited in the run up to the new Star Wars film.


I started off by fitting the side panels to the lower ship hull.


The pilot cabin is then glued into place.


The dish is attached to the top of the ship.


Next I sprayed both sides of the ship in white primer.


Next both sides are painted in a grey silk base colour. After that the colours are painted onto the panels.


After the main colours were painted I applied a dark wash to the ship. Most of this was cleaned off to give the effect in the next image.


Here we have the lower hull after the wash.


This is the upper hull after applying the wash. I also applied some soot pigment to the back of the ship.

After a coat of varnish I will be ready to stick the two sides together. There are some clear parts to fit inside the hull which will be added after the varnish.

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