Revell 1:241 Millennium Falcon Part 2

Last night I finished off the falcon model. I hand painted the canopy and am happy with how it turn out. There were decals provided but I was not having much success applying them and the colour would have been a bit off.

There were 3 clear parts to apply and these were glued in place after the main ship hull got a coat of varnish. These consist of the main cockpit and the upper and lower circular gun ports.


I painted the canopy lines with a cocktail stick instead of a paint brush. This gave a consistent thin line and made things much easier.

The cocktail stick was also useful for scraping away any paint that made it onto the window panels.


Lastly before glueing the model together the blue propulsion was added to the back of the ship. I am pleased with how this model turned out, its not very often that I paint a model completely by hand (aside from primer and varnish).

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