Revell 1:25 scale Chevy Impala Police Car Part 1

This is something a little different I have been working on over the holiday.

I got the desire to build a police car from playing Needs for Speed rivals on my PC.

I managed to find a kit in the distinctive black and white livery used on American police cars in the game.

The Revell 1:25 scale Chevy Impala Police Car


I nearly chickened out  of attempting the black and white colour scheme after looking at the all white option in the instructions. I eventually decided to give it a go however.


The car body after some primer.


I went for the gloss white first. Masking the black areas. I had some trouble with the white paint being too thick. This required some sanding down and more coats to fix.

IMAG0644  For the gloss black coat I decided to look up some recommended ratios for Tamiya paint to thinner. Using Tamiya thinner I managed to get the ratio perfect.

There was disaster upon removing the tape masking the white paint. The tape had ruined the white paint underneath. This was my fault entirely as on reflection I made too big mistakes. Firstly I did not give the white paint long enough to cure before applying the tape. Secondly I left the tape on too long.

Despite the model looking completely ruined I managed to fix it by sanding down the white gloss then spraying over it with gloss varnish. This gave it a nice flat gloss look again.

Next up I have to tidy up some minor areas were the masking tape bled.

I was really pleased with how the tape held out and have just a few areas to tidy up with a brush.

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