Skyrider Drone Pack 1

I have just started a new subscription build. This is a 12 month subscription to build a medium sized quadcopter with camera mount. The body of the quadcopter is designed by Pininfarina.

You can can get more info on the Skyrider Drone and subscription here.

With the first pack you get parts of the undercarriage, side body, rotor arms and a rotor guard.

IMG_5855The first step is to add the Pininfarina to the body side.

IMG_5858This is attached using three snap rings by carefully pushing them onto the the logo pins until they lock into place.


The logo attached to the side body


Next the a hinge is attached to the first motor arm. This needs to be tapped in with a hammer.


My little model hammer was not up to the job, I will need something a little heavier to make inserting the other pins easier. I have also put the two end stops in metal the sidebar here.


Now for the first side of the under carriage. There is a red ball that needs to be attached to one end. This will help you know which way the quadcopter is facing when in flight.

I have also found myself a tub to put all the spare screws and small parts from this build in. I usually have one of these pots for every model I make.


Next the medal sidebar is attached to the undercarriage skids. This is attached by tightening a couple of grub screws.


The final part of this pack is one of the rotor guards. Here the circular piece of plastic basically clips and locks into the rotor guard body.

Well that’s all until I get my hands on pack 2!

2 thoughts on “Skyrider Drone Pack 1”

    1. Your best chance is probably eBay. The drone was cancelled not long after the first lot of people finished the subscription because there were so many issues with it. Mine never flew with the standard electronics. They were buggy and crap. If it’s electronic parts you are after then you are best off starting a fresh with a new control unit. It was this kit that made me never buy anything from Modelspace again.

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