Red Bull 7 Preparing the Bodyshell


I did not intend to do any actual work on the display body as it requires removing the engine head to fit. My plan was to just wait for the display body.

SAM_5854The long awaited racing body arrived last week and was found in my local green grocers of all places. It seems that is my local UPS delivery point, random yet convenient.

Seeing the body made me realise how big this model really is. Of course this needs to be trimmed down with my curved lexan scissors but its still huge!

I took a look through the magazine on preparing the racing body and it recommended laying it on top of the display body front nose to mark of the yellow section for masking.


I went ahead and assembled this part of the body and it does look pretty cool. I am now almost tempted to give this a run around and then put the display body on it when I have had enough.


The problem with running this model is its extremely low ground clearance and something like my hummer is much better to take out nitro bashing.


In the end I found a much easier way to mark off the yellow section of the body.

SAM_5857I then continued preparing the body by marking the yellow section behind the driver and the areas to cut out which the engine head will poke through.

The body is now ready for me to cut out and mask.

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