Tamiya Lotus F1 type 102B RC Kit Part 1

This was a Christmas present I have been working on over the past few weeks.


There are a few reasons I like this kit.

The first is the car has the classic F1 shape that has been lost over the years as aerodynamics technology has moved forward.

The other main reason is the style. I like racing green and this kit reminds me of the recent all green Caterham F1 cars.

Lastly the year this car ran Team Lotus were sponsored by Tamiya which I thought was quite cool since it is a Tamiya kit.


I started by cutting out and painting the body. The air intake come as a separate from the main body and was attached with multi purpose adhesive.

In the Tamiya instructions it said to attach it using  a transparent sticker which I thought was a stupid and untidy idea.


You may have noticed that my body has ended up all green. This was because my masking taped leaked pretty badly and I decided to fix it by going all green (Remember what I said about liking the all green Caterhams).


Next I started on the chassis. I managed to dig out some electronic parts needed to complete the kit from my spares. The silver tin stock motor was replaced with a sport tuned motor I found as well.


The chassis was started by attaching the motor mount, servo and front steering.


Next the chassis was built up with the parts to hold the electronics and house the battery.

This chassis is pretty neat as the receiver and esc sit on swing arms that rotate to allow you to get access to the battery.


Next the tyres were attached to the wheels and fitted to the car. The tyres are fitted to the wheels with double sided tape which I did not find that great. They were fiddly to attach and involved a lot of trial and error to get them looking right. I have no idea how well they will hold.


The chassis was finished by adding the drive gear and differential to the rear right. I then added the front wing and gave the model a quick run around to check everything was working.

This leaves the stickers and rear wing to add.

Oh and I better give the driver a head.

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