Palaform X500 Hovercraft

Now I have a more space to work I decided to build a hovercraft kit I have had lying around for a few months.

This is the X500 kit made by Palaform and electronics aside it is a cheap kit thanks it it being made out of correx.


The hull arrives in pre cut sheets and theses are folder / glued together in order to build the structure.


Putting the hull together requires a glue gun, Continue reading Palaform X500 Hovercraft

E Gemini Hovercraft Progress

I have started working on my E Gemini hovercraft.

Deciding where things should go
Deciding where things should go

Most of the plastic pieces have been trimmed and the electronics tray has been mounted into the hull with silicon.

I have soldered the my connectors for the esc and battery pack replacing the Tamiya connector on the battery with a deans one.

I chose to use a specktrum receiver in the hovercraft as it means I can use the same transmitter as I use on my cars. I have tested the electronics and everything is working perfectly.

Next I need to trim down the lower hull and start working on the rear of the craft.

E Gemini Hovercraft Kit Unboxing

My biggest undertaking so far.

Hull and fan duct
Hull and fan duct

This is a model hovercraft kit I have just received.

It looks to be both a unique and challenging build.

You can find out more about the kit here.