Finishing the Blitzer Beetle


I had some trouble with the brush-less motor when testing the car where accelerating or reversing would cut out the electronics. I managed to sort this by Continue reading Finishing the Blitzer Beetle

Tamiya Blitzer Beetle Build 1:10


I have a new RC car to build, this is an Volkswagen Beetle off road buggy.

I did not realise until recently that there are a fair few hard body kits available. I prefer these as you can add much more detail than you can with Continue reading Tamiya Blitzer Beetle Build 1:10

Skyrider Drone Pack 1

I have just started a new subscription build. This is a 12 month subscription to build a medium sized quadcopter with camera mount. The body of the quadcopter is designed by Pininfarina. Continue reading Skyrider Drone Pack 1

Tamiya Lotus F1 type 102B RC Kit Part 1

This was a Christmas present I have been working on over the past few weeks.


There are a few reasons I like this kit.

The first is the car has the classic F1 shape that has been lost over the years as aerodynamics technology has moved forward.

The other main reason is the style. I like racing green and this kit reminds me of the recent all green Caterham F1 cars.

Lastly the year this car ran Team Lotus were sponsored by Tamiya which I thought was quite cool since it is a Tamiya kit.

Continue reading Tamiya Lotus F1 type 102B RC Kit Part 1

Fitted 3Racing oil filled shocks to my tt01

You may have seen a long time ago I made a post with a load of blue aluminium upgrades for my tt01 car. Well I completely forgot about the oil filled shocks shown in that post and have just got round to building them and installing them.


The process for building the 3Racing shocks is pretty standard to any others I have built and the parts were of good quality.


Even the spring was easy to fit which can be a right pain going by the ones I built for the Red Bull car.


These only took a few minutes to build. I think I spent longer waiting for the bubbles in the oil to disappear than anything else. They replace the standard friction dampers you get in most Tamiya kits.