Tamiya Blitzer Beetle Build 1:10


I have a new RC car to build, this is an Volkswagen Beetle off road buggy.

I did not realise until recently that there are a fair few hard body kits available. I prefer these as you can add much more detail than you can with the lexan bodies.

I will not to building this as per the reference design on the box. Instead I am going to paint it Candy Lime Green and use some after market parts to add additional details.

The kit already comes with little details like a chrome Volkswagen badge, wipers and wing mirrors.


I started the build by painting the wheels. This meant spraying primer over the florescent orange plastic. I then painted the wheels Aluminium as this should suite any body colour.


To finish the wheels I will varnish them in order to give the paint some protection.


Next I started work on the main body shell. The first thing I did was to glue the sun roof and boot handle on. I also attached the front of the body.


After attaching the parts of the body that required painting I started coating it with primer.


With a few more coats of primer it should be ready for painting. I have however noticed that the seams from the wheel arches still show. This means I am going to have to sand those down a bit more till they disappear.

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