Blitzer Beetle Chassis and Motor


The chassis for this car was pretty quick and easy to build. I used a receiver from an old model and a cheap servo that was ordered at the same time.


The stock silver can Tamiya motor did not even stay on the car long enough to get tested. As soon as I found out that the kit comes with a brush-less ESC I felt it was necessary to give  a brush-less motor a go. I did not realise that I would need to solder my own wires onto the new motor. To get round this I chopped some wires off of spare motors I had lying around as these already had connectors to join up with the ESC wires.


The brush-less motor has up to 4 wires instead of the standard +/- wires of a brushed motor. I matched the colours the best I could to make sure everything went into the right place.


After attaching the new motor I started on the shocks. These were a bit of a pain as the shock ends did not want to screw right onto the shafts.


I have given the body a coat of varnish before getting started on the details. One time I varnished a car body after putting the headlights on and this caused them to go foggy. I will never make that mistake again.

Next I gave the body a test fit and got to see for the first time how my painted wheels look with the body. I am pleased with the results so far.

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