Flames of War Tiger Tank

I felt like doing a bit of hand painting this week and decided to give the Flames of War Tiger tank I built a go.


I thought it would be nice to go for a simple camouflage pattern and decided on green and brown stripes over the yellow base coat. The green looked pretty horrific to begin with.


Next I painted the hull gun black and painted the crew.


The tracks were painted flat brown. Here you can see the wheels and sprockets before they are given a wash. The next image shows how much difference a wash coat makes.


I use mig productions washes and the one here is for yellow or light coloured armour. I was very impressed with the detailed it brought out.


I applied the wash to the rest of the model and then gave a bit of dry brushing a go.


A view from above.


I am very pleased with this paint job as painting really is my weak point when it comes to model making, and I feel I learned something practising on this model.

3 thoughts on “Flames of War Tiger Tank”

    1. Thanks, yeah its the one big negative I have about flames of war stuff. They don’t come with decals and the decal sheets are pretty expensive. I should have some lichen lying around though 🙂

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