Poseable 3D Models & First Blender Creations Printed

I decided to have a go at making a basic 3D humanoid in blender. After a little research I gave it ago and I am rather pleased with my initial results.


Here I am using a mirror modifier to create my model. This means everything I do on the left is reflected on the right meaning I only have to create on side of the human.


After I was happy with my model I added some bones to it. These enable me to animate the model. By applying rotations to the bones any parts of the model the rotation should affect will also move. This is a bit like black magic to me (I thought animating limbs would be much harder.


Left in its default pose I exported my model as an stl so that it could be printed. My printer is still a while away from completion so a friend printed it for me.

It was really nice to see something I created in blender in physical form.


Next I started playing around with posing my model. I decided to give a basic sitting pose a go.


It turned out OK but was a bit harder for the printer to print at this size.

With the ease of posing figures in blender  I have lots of ideas with regards to printing miniatures like soldiers etc…

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