Some more Metal Earth building

I have finished my first Metal Earth kit and all things considered it turned out well.


I learned a lot from this first kit which will improve my future builds.


The main thing I learned was that using screw drivers of different diameters is a great way of creating the cylinder shapes that some parts need to be rolled into. This would of made the engines on my X wing much better but I discovered this too late. I still thing it looks great though and the laser cut details really make these models look good for their cost.

I think I will pick up the Millennium Falcon as my next Star Wars build but for now I already have a second kit on the go.


This is the T34 tank I mentioned in my last post. It come with a solid tank barrel which is inserted into a sheet part and held in place with tabs. This is then added to the turret part and the sides of the turret are folded round to give the turret its shape. Before folding the turret I added the two hatches to the top as parts like these are easier to add while the host part is flat.


There is a turret ring that I had to fold round into a circle which connects the turret to the tank body. I attached the ring one tab at a time and let it naturally bend around to give it a perfect circle shape. The turret was then attached to the tank hull. The hull in the photo above is one large sheet. Here I added the drivers view port to the front of the hull.


Lastly I added the exhaust stacks to the rear of the hull.

Next up are the wheels which look interesting to build, hence I am saving those for another day.

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