3D Modelling Making Tracks

I decided to attempt to add some tracks to my tank model I am working on in blender. From what I have read making good tank tracks is a kind of rights of passage in 3D Modelling. The detail some people have gone into is frightening but I am keeping my models simple for now.

The tank tracks I am making here are completely useless for 3D Printing purposes. These are for me to animate on the model when playing about with it in games.


To make a set of tracks I have to repeat a mesh through a curve. This was done using a combination of the curve and array modifiers in blender. My first attempts created some major deformations. These were caused by silly mistakes I was making with regard to not centering the origins of my objects properly.

The black line in the above image is the curve I have made for the tracks to follow.


Here you can see the nodes of the curve I made with their links highlighted in orange. At this point the origin of my objects was still off resulting in the deformation you can see on each track link.


With everything corrected my track links flowed nicely along the curve I made.

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