My Introduction To Metal Earth Model Kits

I recently stumbled across one of these kits and decided to give one a go.

They come as flat packed steel sheets with parts you bend and lock into place using metal tabs.

I thought it was a great idea so I decided to give the X wing kit a go from the Star Wars series.


Being a bit eager to get started I did not get a shot of the packaging but here are the steel sheets.


As this is my first metal earth build I knew it would not be perfect. There is a lot I have learned already which will help me on the next one. The hull of the ship was pretty easy to put together.


It started to become challenging when I started working on the cylindrical engine parts. I tried to wrap the sheets around a few things to get a nice curve but could not find something the right size. I later annoyingly found out screwdrivers were ideal so have used these for the next part. (Adding the lasers)


Although not perfect the engines still look OK. There is an impressive amount of detail on these laser cut kits I especially like the droid. All that there is left to do as add the lasers.


I already have my second kit ready to build!



3 thoughts on “My Introduction To Metal Earth Model Kits”

    1. Thanks for the comment. I’ll soon be adding a new post with the completed model. Looking forward to getting some of the other Star Wars kits to try. Trying to decide whether I should make R2D2 or the Millennium Falcon next!

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