3D Printer Part 3


The first stage in part 3 is to fit the Z-axis limit switch to the rear panel.


The rear panel already has a X-axis limit switch on it so there are now two limit switches on here.


Next a reinforcing plate for the filament spindle as added to the rear panel. The filiment spool will sit on this spindle. This will feed plastic into the 3D printer.


Next the panels are connected to each other.


Once a solid structure is formed with 4 of the panels nuts are slid into the nut housings so the that panels can be screwed together.


The screws are hand tightened for now until each side has a panel


The limit switches are straightened and then tightened fully.


A temporary assembly jig is added as the top panel. This is a hollow panel allowing parts to be fitted while providing a greater rigidity to the case.


With all the panels in place the screws are tightened with a screw driver.


Lastly the lead screw nut is attached to the table base. This nut will be attached to a rod which will turn and raise/lower the table.

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