Chinese Type 59 Tank

I intended go get some modelling done over the Christmas break but that did not happen. So over the last week I decided to finish of my Italeri World of Tanks Type 59 1:35 kit.

I picked this kit up at Tankfest

last year along with the World of Tanks Leopard kit. Aside from the Italeri Ferdinand kit which is also sitting half finished this kit has been my first real experience with an Italeri product.


They are certainly not as good as Tamiya tank kits, but you can still make a decent looking model with them. For World of Tanks players you do get 30 days of premium or a premium tank with each kit.


One thing that was a pain to fit was the tracks. They are comprised of several individual links to wrap around the running gear and longer parts for straight sections.



The World of Tanks kits come with an entire sheet of decals to customise your tank with. Your use of these will depend on how historically accurate you want your model to be but there are tons of tank names and logos to choose from.

I couldn’t resist putting a tiger on the front of my tank.


I also put one of the Chinese slogans on the back of the turret. Apparently it says something about igniting a spark?



I used Tamiya weathering kits and a mud stick to finish the model off.

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