Red Bull 7 Progress Racing Body

After cutting the body out with my lexan scissors I had some bits to tidy up that were tricky to get to with scissors.




To tidy these areas up I used a cheap rotary tool with a sanding attachment.


This tidied those hard to reach areas up nicely.



Next it was time to mask the areas of the body which will be painted yellow. I used Tamiya tape to do this.IMAG0772

I started by masking the nose and the holes cut out at the front of the body.IMAG0778

Then I moved onto the holes cut out towards the middle used to attach parts such as the wing mirrors.IMAG0775

Next up is the area around the air intake.IMAG0776


The body masked up and read to pain.IMAG0779

The masking of the node held up well and left a nice straight line for the remaining part to be painted yellow.IMAG0783

I had a small amount of spray leak into the air intake area, there are a lot of curves around this part which is likely why some of the tape gave in.IMAG0795

The fully painted body.

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