Sky Rider Drone Pack 2

This stage was slightly delayed while I awaited arrival of a propeller balancer.

The First Propeller


It is recommended that you check each propeller and balance it before attaching them to your model in order to ensure it flies with greater stability.


The idea of this tool is to hold the propeller between two magnets and see if one side drops. If this is the case then that side of the propeller is to heavy and needs to be balanced either by sanding it down of making the other side heavier.


I chose to go with the sanding down method. As you can see in this photo I have sanded down the heavier side until it balanced the propeller out.


After he propeller was balanced I attached it to the motor shaft.


Next its time to continue working on the rotor arm that was started in pack 1. Here I have added a strip of lights.


The lights are then enclosed in transparent plastic. There is another set of lights added at then end of the arm.

These help to tell the orientation of the copter.


Lastly I begin work on the second arm.

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