Finishing the idbox 3D Printer

Its been a while since I posted about the 3D printer build. This is because I decided to wait for the rest of the parts to arrive before finishing it all in one go.

I apologise that there may be a few black holes in this section of the build where I am missing photos.

Here is a summary of the second half of the build.


The sliders for the printer head are added.


Here construction on the printer head begins.


The cooling fan and heat sink is added.


The cartridge heater, thermistor is added. The cables are fed through a wire wrap to keep them tidy.


The printer head is added to the structure. The head moves around the x and y axis of the printer area and is responsible for heating and extruding the plastic.


The x axis motor and timing pulley are added to the printer.


The Y axis motor and pulley are added to the printer.


The circuit board is added to the case.


The driver board is attached to the lower circuit board.


The cartridge heater (red cables) is plugged into the driver board (blue terminals).


There is a motor driver board for each motor. These are added as each motor is plugged in. The Z axis motor is also added at this point. This motor controls the height of the printers table.


The power supply unit is prepared to be added to the printer. The input voltage is set to 230V for the UK.


Power and ground cables are attached to the terminals on the power supply. Next the thin black and read fan power cables are added.


The cables from the driver board are added and the power supply is housed within the printer.


The table is added to the printer supported by the two Z axis rods. The table screw that enables the table to move up and down is attached to the z axis motor after being fed through the table.


The extruder arm is assembled and ready to be added to the printer.


The arm is added to the extruder motor housing and is attached to the back of the printer.


Two plastic surfaces are screwed in under the bed to cover the electronics. The printer is now ready to be configured.


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