Red Bull 7 Engine Progress


In this post I start to build the engine for my Kyosho Red Bull 7 Formula One car.


The first part of the engine to add to the crankcase is the crankshaft. This is first given a thin layer of after run oil and then slid into the crankcase.


I used HPI after run oil which I already had from maintaining my other models.


The Crankshaft is in place with the crankpin currently  at the top of the shaft.


The crankcase with crankshaft fitted.

IMAG0326Next to be fitted is the piston and cylinder liner.


The piston is fed into the crankcase from the top and is hooked onto the crankpin


The cylinder liner is then added making sure the exhaust port on the liner matches up with the exhaust port on the crankcase.

IMAG0334Next up is the cylinder head. First two gaskets are placed on top of the cylinder liner.


The cylinder head is then placed over the gaskets and screwed into place.


The final part of this section is to add the starter back plate and shaft.

IMAG0337 The back plate gasket is carefully lined up on the inner side of the back plate.

The  starter shaft is then fed through the plate and the plate screwed into place.

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