Fusion 400 takes to water

I finally plucked up the courage to take one of my hovercraft out on a lake. The thought of sending something out with all those costly electronics is bad enough but when its a model you have built the thought of losing it is even worse.

My plan was to make sure the swan peddle boat hire was open for business just in case the worst should happen. This would allow me to recover the craft without getting my feet wet if it flipped or something. It was fairly windy so I kept the throttle down just in case.

Carefully observing the craft in the water I became confident that it was stable. It does lean a little to one side when the skirt is deflated but I think this is just due to the weight of the ESC. It has after all sat in the bathtub for an hour and a half without sinking because of the large float it has underneath.

Next time I want to take it out on a windless day when I go full throttle but on this occasion I left that for a little run back on land afterwards.

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