X500 Hovercraft test run 6 blade prop

I took my X500 hovercraft out for its first run on land at the weekend. Before I took it out some 6 blade propellers arrived. (Scroll down for videos)


I was expected the motor to choke on these or something but they ran nice and smooth.


The propeller fit snugly inside the hovercraft duct with no trimming required.

As expected the performance of the 6 blade propeller looked even better than the 3 blade one. With the hovercraft lifting nicely and the propeller running smoothly it was time to take it for a spin.

First up I ran it up and down a path to see what its speed and handling was like. Foolishly I chose a humped path and immediately noticed how much more of an impact this has on a hovercraft over say an rc car. The speed and handling were impressive and the craft was easy to get used to.

Next up is a little video of some slower spinning / drifting. As you can see when you crank the power up it can spin on the spot with ease.


People often wonder what the underside of a hovercraft looks like. Well in this case its just some duct tape and landing skits along with the air outlet.

I am keen to test this hovercraft on the water but will need to make some water flotation tests first.


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