Stereo Pirate Radio

Last year I built the Pimoroni Pirate Radio which I have been listening to whilst building stuff ever since. The board the powers the audio on the radio supports two speakers but the radio as standard only has one.

Pimoroni recently released an additional matching speaker that can be attached to the other channel on the radio. It was reasonably priced so I decided to pick it up and upgrade my radio to stereo.


As with most of Pimoronis cases it is made out of acrylic sheets.


These are layered on top of each other and screwed together with nylon screws.


The speaker is attached to the back of the housing.


The speaker in its housing ready to go.


The radio is powered by a Raspberry Pi zero and use a phat beat hat for audio output. The first speaker was using the left channel with the phat beat set to mix stereo into mono output. The new speaker is attached to the right channel.


Wiring of speaker complete.


The onboard switch controlling the channel mixing is set from mono mix to stereo.


After replacing the pi zero and switching the radio back on it is now in stereo!

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