3D Printer Part 2


The first thing to do in part 2 is to build the bracket for the printers z axis motor.


This is put together in the same way as the previous acrylic parts by sliding nuts into slots in one panel and attaching the other with screws.


With both sides of the bracket attached it is ready to be fitted to the bottom panel of the printer.


The bracket is attached to the bottom panel in the same way.


Next a noise filter is to be the rear panel. This will filter out electromagnetic noise and be the printers power inlet.


The noise filter is attached to the rear panel of the printer with screws and nuts.


Next a cooling fan needs to be added to the rear panel of the printer.


The fans guard is held onto the outside of the panel and screws are fed through the holes in the guard. The fan is then held against the inside of the panel and is secured with nuts.


Next the x axis limit switch is added to the rear panel.


The panels are put away safely for the next stage.

This should be due any day now and enable me to put the panels together meaning I will need to find a more permanent home for the the printer.

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