Twin Hammers new body and accessories


I wanted to make my Twin Hammers more unique so I started by replacing the standard plastic body with a set of aluminium body panels.


I decided to paint the panels in a basic desert camo scheme of sand and earth.


Some decals were applied to the side panels to add a bit of detail.


I also replaced the vehicle race number plates on the back of the vehicle with recovery boards. These are also aluminium and were painted desert yellow.


To complete the new look I ordered a pack of rock crawler accessories from eBay and strapped some gear to the roof and recovery boards with bungee chords .


4 thoughts on “Twin Hammers new body and accessories”

    1. Thanks :). Its a nice model to work with as people are making all sorts of aluminium components for it. The roll cage also makes it easy to attach things to it.

    1. Hi Shaun thank you for posting. I have not got any more but they were from eBay. If you look up stickers people will make you a custom set for a few pounds.

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