Red Bull 7 Progress (up to Issue 44)

I have caught up with my RB7 subscription and built everything up to issue 44.

I decided to put aside recent issues until I had enough to finish and cover the differential instead of having to leave half finished bits on the side.

In this session I built and fitted the rear differential, differential housing and the rear suspension arms.

Greasing the differential gears
Greasing the differential gears

Got Sebastion Vettels head through the post today. Yes its the second Red Bull 7 Delivery!

Got Sebastion Vettels head through the post today. Yes its the second Red Bull 7 Delivery!

The second 4 parts of the series include the main chassis, the front chassis, the front lower wish bones and the first Tyre.

Strangely they have also sent Vettel’s head which I can only assume they have included as an option if you do not like Mark Webber. As far as I know British and Australian subscribers get a Mark Webber edition where as Germany are further into a Vettel themed model.

You can see the First wheel and tyre glued together in the Photo along with a battery to give an idea of scale.

Build your own Red Bull 7 (first batch of parts)

My first batch of parts for the Red Bull 7 kit arrived today.

The parts include bits of the front wing, rear wing, a wheel and an oil filled shock to build.

The front wing had some small parts that were pretty annoying to fit but I got there in the end.

You can see the oil filled shock balanced between paint pots in the photo.

This is to let the oil spread around the shock assembly and remove pockets of air.

First batch of RB7 parts
First batch of RB7 parts